How to type french accent on a keyboard

Coucou !

One in every three or four words in French has an accent. On an e or an a or an o…
Or even the dreaded cédille below the c…

How do you do this on your keyboard if you don’t have a French laptop?

This is what we’ll see in today’s episode of Comme une Française TV!
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5 French magazines

Salut !

Learning French is always easier when you’re doing things you enjoy: watching a movie, listening to a song… Or reading a magazine!

How do you improve your comprehension reading French magazines? What do you read?
That’s what we’ll take a look at today on Comme une Française TV!

Note: You can buy most of them on iPad


Cultural differences

Salut !

Today, we’ll cover precisely the kind of topic you come to Comme une Française for.
Deep insight on France and French people that only a local can reveal.
Delivered with kindness and honesty. Never judgmental.

Today’s video is about “How to frigthen a French person”: or, what foreign habits you have that will unsettle them.
And might frigthen them without your even being aware of it.

Note: Please remember before we start that this video is here is help you be aware of cultural differences,
not to force you to change who you are.


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