Practical tips to improve your French

Bonjour !

« How can I improve my French easily? »
This is a question I hear A LOT. :)

And when I discovered Damon and Jo’s videos on YouTube, it was obvious:
I HAD to invite them on Comme une Française TV.

Today, they’ll share with you practical tips to speak better French, improve your comprehension of « real French » and offer clever ways to be understood in Paris.
And mostly… to be less seen as a tourist who learned French at school. More as an insider.



French Christmas

Salut !

Christmas is coming soon so I invited a fellow blogger, Sarah, to help me talk about the differences between a French Christmas and an American Christmas.

Sarah lives in Philadephia and she talks about the differences between France and the US in her wonderful blog: Sarah conte Philly.

Here’s an interview for you where we’ll cover food and traditions in France around Christmas.


bread etiquette france

Salut !

In France, bread is sacred.

French people buy their daily baguette from their favorite boulangerie (not ANY boulangerie).
And cutting bread and sharing it is FULL of unwritten cultural rules.

What are these precise bread rules?
This is what I’ll show you today.


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