Bonjour !

This morning, at the market in my street,
there were big pots of flowers called « Chrysanthèmes ».

It reminded me of all the people we loved that won’t be here for Christmas, this year.
And about the luck we have to still be surrounded by so many loved ones.

Because in France, this Saturday, we celebrate la Toussaint. It’s the time to remember the deads.
And also as I’m half Mexican, this is a very special day (el Día de Muertos) in my family.

It’s a bank holiday as well and as in your country probably, the cemeteries will be full of flowers.

La Toussaint in France: this is what we’ll see on today’s episode of Comme une Française TV!



Bonjour !

French people speak fast and it can be terrifying to take part in a real conversation.
Remember your last conversation in French: struggling to understand, thinking about your next phrase, getting the grammar wrong… and the person answers back in English!

How frustrating!
This is the best way to kill your self-confidence and want to hide in a corner.

Want to finally understand French the way it’s ACTUALLY spoken—fast—and gaining the confidence you need to take part in real, fluent conversation, all at natural speed?

Let me help! ;)

Today on Comme une Française TV, I’ll show you how to take part in real, fluent French conversation.
Click to watch « How to build the confidence to take part in French conversations »



Coucou !

The English language contains lots of French words especially in cooking and art. And just like the bad uses and pronunciation of English words in French… I’m thinking about WiFi, parking or spiderman… The meaning of the French words you use in English is not the same in French. Or sometimes doesn’t exist.

Today on Comme une Française TV, you’ll discover 5 expressions you thought were used in France .


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